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The Work of Collaboration in a Decentralized Postsecondary Institution

posted Mar 9, 2017, 6:11 AM by A Rodney
My latest post for the Innovation Hub, with OISE's Denise Bentum and the Career Centre's Kate Bowers, describes the work we've been doing with the Organizational Learning team. It begins with: 

As mentioned in our last post, the Innovation Hub’s Organizational Learning team has been interviewing faculty and Student Life staff at the University of Toronto to learn about their experiences working with students and with each other. We have been exploring the topics of collaboration and student support, in line with a design-thinking approach, by trying to understand these things from the perspective of staff and faculty. Our goal has been to elicit stories of successful and challenging experiences supporting students and collaborating across the university’s many divisions and departments. We have analysed these stories in order to understand how to meet the needs of both students and frontline workers at the university, and to learn about what they value during intra-institutional collaborations and interactions.

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