Conference Presentations

Kelly, Heather, David Newman, Julia Smeed, Jacquie Beaulieu and Alexandra Rodney. 2017. "(Re)Designing the student experience: What happens when we stop surveying students and start talking to them?" Canadian Association of College and University Student Services Annual Conference. Ottawa, June 2017. 

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Rodney, Alexandra and Margaryta Ignatenko. 2017. "Disruptive Innovation Through Collaboration: Increasing Student Engagement." Represent Student Leadership Conference. University of Toronto. April 28, 2017. 

Rodney, Alexandra, Jacquie Beaulieu, Margaryta Ignatenko, Ling Lam, Tamsyn Riddle, and Taylor Seow. 2017. "Leading Experienced Team Members: Five Strategies for Leading in Mixed-Power Groups." Leading Together Conference. University of Toronto, Student Life. February 25, 2017. 

Rodney, Alexandra. 2017. "Social Innovation." Panel presentation. International Development Conference. University of Toronto, Scarborough. February 11, 2017. 

Rodney, Alexandra. 2015. "Help-seeking, health-seeking and identity reinforcement: Women’s motivations for reading healthy living blogs." Presented at the Canadian Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Ottawa, Ontario. June 1-5, 2015. 

Rodney, Alexandra. 2015. "Reproduction and Resistance of Dominant Food-       Related Subject Positions in Women’s Healthy Living Magazines and Blogs."     Presented at the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Bodies and   Embodiment Section. Chicago, Illinois. August 21-25, 2015. 

Rodney, Alexandra. 2014. "‘Life’s too short to count calories, carbs or fat’: Contrasting healthy eating discourses on healthy living blogs with those in women’s fitness magazines". Presented at the Canadian Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Media Studies: The Gendering of Food Media Session. St. Catharine's Ontario. May 26 to May 30, 2014. 

Rodney, Alexandra, Josée Johnston and Phillipa Chong. 2013. “How Creative Personas Shape Artistic Legitimacy: Creativity, Legitimacy, and Inequality in the World of Celebrity Chefs.”American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, August 2013, New York.

Boon, Heather, Sandy Welsh, Alexandra Rodney, Sara Reid, Aalia Parker, Rayesha Bhatt. 2013."Crossing the great divide: An assessment of Ontario homeopaths, naturopaths and TCM/acupuncturists prior to regulatory transition."  The International Congress on Complementary Medicine Research (ICCMR). London, England. April 11-13.

Rodney, Alexandra. 2013. “Anticipating Motherhood: Infertility in the New York Times from 1978 to 2009."  Communicating Motherhood Conference, June 24-27 2013, Toronto.

Rodney, Alexandra. 2012. "Conceptual and methodological challenges to establishing a 'strong program' in cultural sociology." Presented at the Canadian Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Canadian Cultural Sociology: Theoretical Considerations Session. Waterloo, Ontario. May 29 to June 2, 2012.

Rodney, Alexandra and Sarah Cappeliez. 2012. "How does reflexivity play a role in quantitative research?" Cross-Disciplinary Graduate Students Conference, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario. April 14, 2012.

Rodney, Alexandra and Josée Johnston. 2012. "Vegetarian repertoires: Family response to teen vegetarianism." Presented at the American Society for Food Studies Annual Meeting. New York, New York. June 20-24, 2012.

Johnston, Josée, Alexandra Rodney and Michelle Szabo. 2011. "Junkies, Junk-Food and Carrot Commoners: How Place Shapes Ethical Eating." The American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Space and Place Panel. Las Vegas, Nevada. August 20-23, 2011.  

Rodney, Alexandra. 2011. "Wealthy Women Who Deserve Children: Media Framing of the Infertility Patient." The American Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Medical Sociology Session. Las Vegas, Nevada. August 20-23, 2011.

Johnston, Josée, Michelle Szabo and Alexandra Rodney. 2010. “The Lived Experience of “Ethical Eating”: The Significance of Class, Place, and Ethnocultural Communities.” Association for the Study of Food and Society Annual Meeting.  Bloomington, Indiana. June 2-6, 2010.

Rodney, Alexandra. 2010.  “HIV and Pregnancy: A Comparison of Coverage in Canadian Mainstream Newspapers and Publications for People Living with HIV and AIDS.”  Canadian Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Sociology of Health and Health Care Section.   Montreal, Quebec.  May 31-June 4, 2010.   

Rodney, Alexandra and Sandy Welsh. 2010.  “From women’s right to work towards the universal right to parent: Mapping shifts in ideology and media framing for maternity and parental leaves.” Canadian Sociological Association Annual Meeting, Families and Work Section. Montreal, Quebec.  May 31-June 4, 2010.